Nikola Nenin

Hello, I'm Nikola.

Product Specialist

based in Belgrade, Serbia.

I'm passionate about leading teams and building digital products that positively impact people's lives.

What I Do

I advise and help startups and early-stage businesses achieve their vision and stay ahead of the competition by leading teams and building digital products through research, validation, development, and testing.


Drawing on my expertise in all aspects of digital product development, I can oversee the entire product lifecycle, from problem discovery to launch, and continuously iterate based on customer feedback.

Strategy → Development

My passion is to produce and collect initiatives, break them down into actionable chunks, and work on delivering incremental value. Deciding which part of the solution should be addressed first on a product roadmap is essential for success.

User Experience

With expertise in optimizing user conversion funnels, building prototypes, copywriting, and conducting design reviews, I am well-equipped to streamline your product development process.

Product Management

My approach involves blending business, tech, and design to discover and create valuable, feasible, and usable products.

Conversion Rate Optimization​

Boosting revenue and customer engagement by improving website usability and increasing the likelihood of a user taking a desired action. With 4 years of experience in CRO, I helped a dozen clients to enhance the effectiveness of their websites and drive growth.

Website Development

With a background in Software Engineering and experience as a Lead Web Developer, I create user-centric websites that drive conversions and customer engagement while meeting business goals.

Data Analysis

I use quantitative data and usage patterns to identify insights that can improve product adoption and generate new revenue streams.

Worked With

Having collaborated with over 40 clients, I have successfully enhanced their businesses across local, national, and global levels.


For more than 8 years, I have been designing and developing software products in a variety of roles and capacities.


University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and have specialized in the field of software engineering. My passion lies in utilizing my technical expertise to design and develop innovative software solutions that meet the needs of modern-day businesses and users.

Nikola Nenin

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