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I believe that the only way to do the business in the modern world is to have clear and honest communication.

Hi I’m Nikola and I’m helping businesses achieve their maximum through dedicated Web and Marketing channels.

With 8+ years of experience as a Software Engineer and Project Manager currently my ambitions are to help businesses reach their full potential through digital channels.

My goal is to transform your idea into good organized web solution that cover all aspects that one digital product needs to have from initial setup, coding, tracking, optimizing, digital marketing and maintenance.

Web Consultant Nikola Nenin

I have a passion for helping small businesses get off the ground and running. I am open to talk with you about your issues, needs, ideas and with my skills I would like help you. I am available for both short-term and long-term tasks/projects, so let’s chat.

I’m currently obsessed with the digital strategies and how to implement full cycle digital solutions for different types of businesses.


Discover areas of focus and business values, plan solutions and suggest best practice ideas

Web Development Nikola Nenin
Web Development

Delivering high-quality, maintainable programmed solutions on time and with the best balance between time, quality and cost.

Project Management Nikola Nenin
Project Management

Specialize in planning, coordinating, and executing projects according to specific requirements and constraints. Performing some or all of the activities related to project work, from conceptualization to completion in digital and web development projects.

Digital Marketing Nikola Nenin
Digital Marketing

Reaching your target audience or presenting your product to a wide range of potential customers. Social media advertising and awareness.

eCommerce Nikola Nenin

Creating, consulting and maintaining all kinds of CMS solutions with intuitive admin panels so you can achieve all benefits of e-commerce. Everything you need in order to sell products/services fast and get to the right audience.

Email Marketing Nikola Nenin
Email Marketing

From simple newsletters to sophisticated eCommerce retargeting strategies, I will plan, conceptualize, execute and manage all types of email marketing campaigns.

Tracking and Analytics Nikola Nenin
& Analytics

Setting up tracking with different software solutions and turning you data info useful insights that can increase your conversion rate. Reporting and analyze data. Track all actions that users do on your web solution, from clicks to sophisticated metrics.

Sales Funnel Development Nikola Nenin
Sales Funnels Development

Setting up complete sales funnels with high converting sales software solutions, creating new strategies that change the way how you promote and sell products online.

AB Testing Nikola Nenin
A/B Testing

Get a steady stream of A/B testing wins, translate them into more conversions, leads, and revenue. With expertise in this field, experts and tools that let you take a strategic role while I handle all the details.